#GameChanger Club

Welcome to the #GameChanger Club!

Each player who joins a PGA Jr. League team pays an annual fee of $99––what we call the #GameChanger Club––which includes access to their local league, their custom uniform and cool team kit gear, and participation in as many seasons as desired throughout the year (additional PGA Coaching and program fees apply). 

Thinking about becoming a #GameChanger and joining a team? This corner of the website will give you a peek into the fun and excitement that comes with being a member. Once you’ve registered and joined the #GameChanger Club, you’ll receive exclusive offers and promotions available only through PGA of America partners via PerkSpot.

What makes the #GameChanger Club different? You! The PGA Jr. League community is tens of thousands strong. The #GameChanger Club is a space that exists both on and off the course with your teammates where everyone belongs.

#GameChanger Club

Players of the Month

Submit your PGA Jr. League photos here for your chance to be featured as the Player or Team of the Month.
Players of the Month: June

Maggie and Molly McLaren

Both Maggie and Molly participate in PGA Jr. League at Fleming Island Golf Club in Florida as members of the Lady Herons, an all-girl team. Older sister Molly has been playing for three years, while Molly, who was born with Down Syndrome, joined the team this year. The girls love making friends and enjoy being on a team together. 
Player of the Month: May

Frank Magee

Frank is a PGA Jr. League player from Long Beach, California, who has loved playing golf since he was a toddler. Now 12, he enjoys the challenge of the game and making new friendships. Frank makes a great effort to be better than the last swing!
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Hole-In-One Vault

A hole-in-one might just give you the best feeling in golf… but it’s even better when teammates witness it! Have you aced a hole during a PGA Jr. League practice or game? Submit your hole-in-one photos and videos here to be featured. Don’t forget to include the date, location of your practice or game, hole number, yardage and club used!

Kaylee Anne Miller

Kaylee Anne Miller, 9, made her first hole-in-one in her first season of PGA Jr. League. Kaylee made the shot on May 7 on the sixth hole of The Legacy Golf Club in Henderson, Nevada. She drove the ball 75 yards using her 9-iron. Kaylee loves PGA Jr. League because it's a lot of fun, and she learns more about golf.

Macie Rasmussen

Join us in celebrating with Macie Rasmussen who made a hole-in-one on Hole 10 at Bow Creek Golf Course in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on April 23, 2022. Macie, who is a member of the Eagles, the PGA Jr. League team at Michelle Holmes School of Golf, drove the ball for 98 yards using a 9-iron.

Jackson Dammann

PGA Jr. League player Jackson Dammann made a hole-in-one on April 3, 2022, on the second hole of Oakwood Golf Club. He drove the ball for 112 yards using a 9-iron.

Download Safari Par-Tee mobile app!

As a GameChanger Club Member, check out the PGA Jr. League Safari Par-Tee mobile app, which is available for free download on the Apple and Google Play stores. Designed as an interactive mobile game, the app allows kids and families to play golf as adorable animal avatars while transforming their own setting into the imaginative Adventure Park Golf Course.

2022 Season Countdown
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