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PGA Jr. League Scholarship Fund

Why is the PGA Jr. League Scholarship Fund important?

The PGA Jr. League Scholarship Fund exists to provide children everywhere with the opportunity to create positive social relationships, while benefiting their physical and emotional wellbeing. We recognize the importance of inclusivity and togetherness regardless of economic circumstances. Together we can remove this barrier and open doors for families to create lifelong memories through experiences that transcend golf.

When you register for PGA Jr. League, you will have the option to donate to the PGA Jr. League Scholarship Fund. We hope you'll join us on our journey to provide access to golf for youth in all communities across America.

Transform lives and get involved today:

Click the button below to make a one-time donation to the PGA Jr. League Scholarship Fund. You'll be prompted to create a temporary account with your first name, last name and email address for receipt. 

How scholarships are making a difference in real time:

Read and watch the stories of some of our scholarship recipients and their Captains, Coaches and families.

A Perfect Swing PGA Jr. League Team


“The PGA Jr. League Scholarship has allowed us to create many confident, enjoyable, engaging, and self-aware smiles for youth that would not ordinarily engage in the game of golf. Additionally, I have watched our youth mature their communication skills as they learn to strategize and work as a team during matches.” 
––PGA Jr. League Captain Ashaunta Epps, LPGA

Henry Stetina, PGA, and PGA Jr. League player Delilah

Delilah faced adversity throughout her childhood, including homelessness. Finding PGA Jr. League and coach Henry Stetina was a game changer for her and her family. Watch this video to hear her story.

"PGA Jr. League has allowed both of my kids to not only grow in the game of golf, but also in their character. As a single mom who struggles to make ends meet, I am thankful my boys were chosen for a scholarship. They otherwise would not have been able to play. Because of the scholarship opportunity, my older son has been able to grow his leadership skills in working with kids who are younger than he is. This has led him to obtaining his first job under the wing of his coach. Thank you PGA for helping to make golf accessible for everyone and growing children’s character and leadership skills."


––Scholarship family from Little Linksters Golf Academy in Orlando, Florida

Cesar BalgaƱon II and Gregg Tobias, PGA Associates

Cesar and Gregg kicked off their inaugural PGA Jr. League season at Sewailo Golf Club in 2020 by welcoming 25 children from the Pascua Yaqui Tribe through PGA Jr. League scholarships.

Sewailo Golf Club PGA Jr. League practice, courtesy of Sandoval Creative

If you are in need of financial assistance, or are in a military household, please connect with the Captain of a team near you to see if PGA Jr. League Scholarships are offered at their facility. Captains will submit Scholarship applications on your behalf.