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Program Fee

Determining Your Program Fee

When determining your Program Fee, consider the value you bring as a PGA or LPGA Member. You are an expert in the game, and families are willing to pay for fun and engaging experiences for their kids led by professionals. According to a September 2017 USA TODAY article, most American families (63%) spend anywhere from $100 to $499 per child each month on youth sports.

The national average in 2019 for the total fee per player was $251, which includes the $75 PGA REACH Fee. We recommend you break down what you will be offering in your program to determine your fee like the below example:

Clinics / Practices (6 x $25) $150
Matches (5 x $25) $125
End of Season Pizza Party $10
Your Program Fee $285
PGA REACH Fee (helps cover team kit items & admin costs) $75
Total Fee Per Player $360

There are two payment options available, which you will choose between during registration:

  1. Players pay the Total Fee Per Player online. Once your registration is complete, PGA of America will disburse your funds, minus the $75 PGA REACH Fee per player. This option is recommended for a better consumer experience.

    For a quicker payment process, we highly encourage Captains to utilize the Direct Deposit method. The form can be completed and submitted during Captain registration.

  2. Players only pay the $75 PGA REACH Fee online and you are responsible for collecting the remaining Program Fee offline.

    There are scholarships available for those that meet financial criteria or are from military families. If you are interested in learning more about Scholarships for players, please reach out to your Regional League Manager.