A Meaningful Introduction to Golf

Youth from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County experience PGA Jr. League at the Home of the PGA

Youth from the Frisco Chapter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County enjoyed the culmination of their first PGA Jr. League season at the Northern Texas PGA Section’s The Ronny Golf Park at PGA Frisco.

After meeting at “The Ronny” on a weekly basis throughout June and July, nearly 50 local boys and girls learned the fundamentals of the game, how to work as a team and other life-improving skills that come with playing golf, such as honesty, integrity and sportsmanship.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County players have been able to participate in this PGA Jr. League program thanks to the PGA Jr. League Scholarship Fund through PGA REACH. The PGA Jr. League Scholarship Fund exists to provide children everywhere with the opportunity to learn, play and love the game of golf. The Scholarship Fund is opening doors for families to create lifelong memories through experiences that transcend golf. 

“The Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County reached out to us, and we thought PGA Jr. League would be a great way to introduce kids in the community to the game of golf,” said PGA REACH Lead Rich Richeson, PGA. “We wanted to create a good environment for the kids, and The Ronny Golf Park is perfect for that. The Northern Texas PGA Section does a great job teaching the kids.”
“The Northern Texas PGA Foundation was built on the mission of positively impacting lives and communities through golf, and the opening of The Ronny Golf Park late last year provided us with new and creative ways to fulfill that mission,” said Northern Texas PGA Section Executive Director Kelly Gilley, PGA. “Seeing the Boys and Girls Clubs of Collin County experience PGA Jr. League on our campus has been so meaningful. We hope their experience here will spur them on to play more golf, whether it be competitively on one of our junior tours or socially.”

Led by PGA Professionals Chad Moscovic, PGA and Hanna Dickens, players' ages ranged from five to 17. Some had experienced golf already, but for many, it was their first time picking up a club.

“I definitely like it, I'm having a lot of fun.” said Kenzie P., age 8. “The best part of playing golf is getting Skittles, if we get into the hole.”

“I’ve been playing golf for a little while,” said 10 year-old Hampton J. “It’s very fun. My favorite is the driver. I like to hit it as hard as I can, and make it go far.”
“It’s exciting to be out here watching our kids,” said Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County Interim CEO Torsten Seifert. “The kids love it, they talk about it all the time, and they are having a blast. We never thought about having an opportunity like this, working together with the PGA to offer golf lessons for the kids, and we are looking forward to expanding the partnership going forward.”