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It's All Just Fun and Games

By PGA of America, 11/06/15, 1:30PM EST


The PGA Junior League Golf Championship started like any other game during the regular season: kids were laughing, parents were socializing and some recreational golf was sprinkled in.

There were a few other surprises awaiting, however.

First up, the Skills Challenge. Four teams of players - randomly assembled from the 80 boys & girls participating in the Championship - competed against each other in a timed "Flop Shot Challenge" and a combined "Long Drive Challenge".

True to PGA Junior League Golf's DNA, there was over a 150-yard distance between the longest and shortest drives on any one team - proving once again, players of all types are teaming up together.

Later, at the Welcome Reception, Golf Channel's Lauren Thompson, host of "Morning Drive," captured the audience's attention. She wasn't alone, though, and with help from Suzy Whaley, Secretary of the PGA of America, a special message was unveiled for all those in attendance.

And just when the evening was winding down, there was  one last surprise in store. No trip to Disney would be complete without a special visit from Mickey Mouse and his gang.

Mickey, decked out in his finest golf attire, was a friendly - albeit quiet - interview subject for host Lauren Thompson. Soon joined by Minnie, Donald Duck and Goofy, the characters posed for pictures with excited players and their families.

The PGA Junior League Golf Championship may be the pinnacle of the program's competition - but the core appeal of #PGAJLG to its 30,000 participants in 2015 was on full display on Day 1: it's all just fun and games.