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Guidelines in Real Time

The PGA Jr. League 2020 Program Guidelines were designed within the framework of Back2Golf and in alignment with the CDC. In that light, we’re asking Captains, Coaches, players and families to all be our partners in ensuring healthy and responsible experiences this year.

Check out how PGA and LPGA Professionals nationwide are bringing our program guidelines to life in creative and fun ways!

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Tips for a Healthy In-House League


As some facilities opt to host in-house leagues with all practices, games and events held at one location, check out tips from PGA Jr. League Captains who are creating healthy environments with a large number of players.

PGA Head Professional Meg Stem, Glenmoor Country Club

Thanks to proactive communication, staying flexible, and prioritizing both fun and healthy experiences for kids, Meg has grown her PGA Jr. League program to over 40 kids this year at Glenmoor Country Club in Canton, Ohio.

She's increased her one-on-one lessons with PGA Jr. League players, and she's got several plans in place for healthy practices and games! Take a look at photos from her set up below:

Meg's PGA Jr. League players in hula hoops for practice

Meg set up hula hoops to create physical distance between players during practice.

Meg's PGA Jr. League players in hula hoops for practice

Each player has his or her own space, which prevents gathering during practice.

PGA Head Professional Crystal Morse, The Legends Golf Club

Crystal is successfully and responsibly managing an in-house league of over 60 kids this summer at The Legends Golf Club in Franklin, Indiana! To top it all off, she's even created a "mini" version of the program for families with kids ages 4-6 that parents and family members assist with. 

PGA Jr. League players putting

PGA Jr. League players from The Legends Club take turns putting.

PGA Jr. League players putt while parents look on

Parents can play an active role in helping their kids stay healthy on the course.

Watch: Guidelines in a Minute or Less

We asked Captains to share in 45 seconds or less what their responsible PGA Jr. League practices and games look like. Here are just a few examples:

Water Balloon Practice

Who says you only have to use golf balls on the range?! Erin Craig, PGA, treats her PGA Jr. League players to some water balloon practice while physically distanced. We love this idea for summer!

Physical Distancing on the Range

Meredith Loosse, PGA/LPGA Director of Player Development at Granite Bay Golf Club in Roseville, California, showcases her PGA Jr. League range practice and team meeting set up. Spaced out chairs help players waiting their turn stay apart!

First Tee Set Up

John Mason, PGA Professional and Captain of the 2015 & 2019 PGA Jr. League Championship victors representing California, takes us to the first tee of his first PGA Jr. League event. 

Putting Practice

Peter Bracey, PGA, gives us a glimpse into his PGA Jr. League putting (and physical distancing!) practice at Woburn Country Club in Massachusetts. 

Hitting Fairways Contest

PGA Master Professional Dave Baron leads his Timarron Tigers through a physically distanced hitting fairways contest. We love these game-based practices!

No Handshakes Here! 

We're impressed with how creative our PGA Jr. League players have gotten with their non-handshake handshakes.

PGA Jr. League players air high five

PGA Jr. League players from The First Tee of Miami have plenty of air fives to go around!

PGA Jr. League players air elbow bump

How about an air elbow bump? The First Tee of Miami PGA Jr. League teams have responsible celebrations covered!

Making Guidelines Their Own

Captains are creating their own one-sheets based on the 2020 PGA Jr. League Program Guidelines. We support making these your own and adapting them to your state and local health authority guidelines!

Jody Christensen, PGA

PGA Jr. League Captain Jody Christensen, PGA, created an easy-to-understand one-sheet on Guidelines for her PGA Jr. League players and families at Medina Golf & Country Club in Minnesota. Check them out below: