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Frequently Asked Questions

How big is PGA Jr. League?

In 2018, a record of more than 50,000 boys and girls participated on 4,200 PGA Jr. League teams nationwide. That's up from 42,000 kids on 3,400 PGA Jr. League teams in 2017!

What is the general timeline for participation?

In general, registration for the spring/summer season of PGA Jr. League occurs between January and March of any given year.

The recreational season takes place March – July. Games can be scheduled for any period in between, but all regular season games must be completed by July 31. Most regular seasons consist of 5-6 local games.

In 2019, facilities have the opportunity to host recreational fall leagues, which will take place August – October.

The PGA Jr. League Postseason presented by National Car Rental begins in August with Section Qualifying and Championship events. Regional competitions occur in September, while the PGA Jr. League Championship taking place in October.

For the scheduling specifics of your team or league, please consult with your local golf facility and your team's Captain.

What is the format?

You can read all about the format and rules of PGA Jr. League, here.

What are the age limits?

PGA Jr. League is open to any child 13 & under. Many facilities also offer 17 & under programs, which will be denoted in the facility description on the registration search page. 

A player must not be 14-years-of-age by August 1 of whichever season he or she is participating in. Younger players are typically 7-years-old or older – however, many Captains incorporate younger players into their leagues or teams.

How can I find a team near me?

You can search for a team here.

In 2018, there were 4,200 teams across the country. Many of those teams will continue playing, and leagues are expected to grow.

If you are unable to locate a team near you, you may also call your local golf facility and inquire with the PGA or LPGA Professional about starting or fielding a PGA Jr. League team.

How do I register?

All players must be registered for the current season by their parents. You can search for and join a Team here.

Can my child join a team at a private facility?

It depends!

Some private facilities only allow members of their club to participate in PGA Jr. League. Other facilities view it as an opportunity to showcase their facility to would-be members. The best way to find out is by calling the PGA or LPGA Professional at the facility in question.

Even if you are registering for a PGA Jr. League team at a public facility, it would be advisable to contact the PGA or LPGA Professional and Captain in advance to determine if the team is a good fit.

Do I need a password to register?

Some Captains, at both private and public facilities, will set their registration to "private". This simply means that you will need a specific password, provided by that Captain, to register for that specific PGA Jr. League team. Captains often use this to streamline and organize the registration for their team.

Please contact your local PGA Jr. League Captain for any registration team password questions. 

How much does it cost?

Program fees are listed with facility registration. However, you should contact your local PGA or LPGA Professional and PGA Jr. League Captain for information specific to your team.

Because PGA Jr. League is organized at the local level, many aspects of the program vary from team-to-team and league-to-league. This could include the scheduling of matches, number of teams in a league, practices offered, price of the program, etc.

What do players receive for participating?

Players will receive two high-quality custom Garb jerseys: one blue and one orange (home and away), PGA Jr. League ball cap, PGA Jr. League t-shirt, bag tag, draw string bag, as well as additional programming items.

Will my child play every game?

Yes! PGA Jr. League prides itself on being recreational and developmental, first, and competitive, second. 

Each PGA and LPGA Professional Captain is responsible for ensuring that any child in attendance at any game gets to compete in at least one flag (a 3-hole segment). Even when alternates are not playing in their respective match, they are still an active and valuable part of the team, assisting in strategy, reading putts and aiding with the pace of play.

If a team consists of more than 12 players, the Captain of that team may elect to have scrimmage matches between players on the same team as a part of each game. Please check with your team’s Captain to determine their game line-up policies.

Which tees will my child play from?

It is recommended that at every level of play there are two different sets of tees: The FORWARD tee and the BACK tee.

Boys 11-under and Girls 13-under will play from the FORWARD tees. Boys 12-over and Girls 14-over will play from the BACK tees.

Recommended maximum yardages for the FORWARD tees throughout regular season and Section Championships/qualifiers will be 2,300 yards:

a. Par threes should not exceed 115 yards.

b. Par fours should not exceed 275 yards.

c. Par fives should not exceed 375 yards.

Recommended maximum yardages for the BACK tees throughout regular season and Section Championships/qualifiers will be 2,600 yards:

a. Par threes should not exceed 130 yards.

b. Par fours should not exceed 300 yards.

c. Par fives should not exceed 415 yards.

*These yardages are recommended in order to accommodate athletes of all skill levels and promote birdies, while creating an overall exceptional player experience.

**Please note that Regional and Championship yardages may exceed the above maximums by up to 25%.

When are my child's games?

The scheduling for every league and team is different.

The regular season of PGA Jr. League typically has between 5-6 regular season games. These games can take place any time between March 1 and July 31. Often the team Captain will work with their players and families to pick times that are family friendly so everyone can participate (nights, weekends, etc.).

Please contact your PGA or LPGA Professional Captain for scheduling questions specific to your PGA Jr. League team.

How does my child get to each game?

Like most youth sports, you are responsible for transporting - or coordinating transportation with other players and parents - to and from games. PGA and LPGA Professional Captains do not provide transportation to and from league games.

How long is each game?

Each game consists of 4 matches, 9-holes in length and typically takes place over the course of 2.5 hours.

Pace of play is important and PGA Jr. League provides the perfect arena to instill these values at an early age. Captains will advise their players on strategies to quickly work together and ensure an enjoyable experience for all - players and spectators.

Are spectators allowed?

Yes! Spectators are encouraged.

PGA Jr. League is a family-friendly event. It is not uncommon to see 20+ spectators following an individual match. It's the perfect opportunity to spend time together as a family, outdoors and in a relaxed environment.

If you do attend a PGA Jr. League match, however, please be sure to abide by the Spectator guidelines. If you would like to be more involved, consider volunteering to score a match.

Can I volunteer with my child's team?

Absolutely. PGA Jr. League - like other youth recreational sports - thrives on the involvement of the community.

While PGA and LPGA Professionals exclusively serve as team Captains, often parents get involved as Coaches to handle detailed scheduling or administrative management of the team. 

Some ways in which parents have previously volunteered:

  • Assistant Coach
  • Walking Scorer
  • Providing snacks and drinks

Please contact your team's Captain to discover how you can get involved!

How does the postseason work?

Following the regular season, 10-player All-Star teams are formed from a combination of players from each team in the league. Teams move through a series of Section Qualifying and Championship events to advance to Regionals held across the country. The Regional champions advance to the PGA Jr. League Championship presented by National Car Rental in October.

How are All-Star teams selected?

All-Star teams are assembled based on the number of teams in a local league and the final standings of the local league. Below are some examples of how an All-Star team is created:

  • At the end of the regular season, a league champion team will be crowned. The winning Captain will be the league's All-Star team Captain.
  • Every team in the league will have some representation on the All-Star team, however the actual numbers will vary based on league size.
  • Each All-Star team will be comprised of 10 players. The recommended breakdown is:
    • For a 7-team league: Championship team gets 3 spots, runner-up gets 2 spots, 1 spot each from the remaining 5 teams
    • For a 6-team league: Championship team gets 4 spots, runner-up gets 2 spots, 1 spot each from the remaining 4 teams
    • For a 5-team league: Championship team gets 4 spots, runner-up gets 2 spots, 1 spot each from the remaining 3 teams, 1 at large spot awarded by league Captains' majority vote.
    • For a 4-team league: Championship team gets 4 spots, runner-up gets 3 spots, 2 spots the third place team, and 1 spot for the fourth place team.
    • For an 8-team league: Championship team gets 2 spots, runner-up gets 2 spots, and 1 spot each from the remaining 6 teams.
  • At no time, without the expressed permission of PGA Jr. League staff will an All-Star team be permitted to have more than 5 players on its roster from any one team in the league.
  • All-Star team players must participate in at minimum of three regular season matches .

Are there additional fees to participate in the postseason?

Fees charged for the postseason are determined by your All-Star Captain and vary by team. Parents are responsible for the fees and any costs associated with travel to and lodging during the Section Championships and Regionals. The PGA of America does issue each player attending the PGA Jr. League Championship presented by National Car Rental one hotel room.

Who can I contact for more information?

For questions regarding a specific team or league, including cost, registration dates, registration process and game scheduling, please contact the PGA or LPGA Professional Captain.

For other questions, please reference the Contact Us page.

Need help?

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