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COVID-19 FAQs for Captains

Q: When can I begin PGA Jr. League activities?

A: Beginning June 1st, PGA Jr. League activities are permissible if they align with your state and local health authority guidelines and if your facility is in an area that has achieved Phase 2 of Opening Up America Again.

Q: My city (or county or state) just updated reopening guidelines for our area. How do I interpret these for PGA Jr. League?

A: Study and understand your local/county/state guidelines and consult with your owner/operator on what these mean for your facility and its events as a whole. Once you’re ready to begin PGA Jr. League activities, follow all your state and local health guidelines first, and use Back2Golf and the PGA Jr. League 2020 Program Guidelines as supplemental resources to assist you in the execution of your 2020 season planning.

Q: How do we run PGA Jr. League this season?

A: Follow guidelines and orders from your state and local health authorities to protect the health and wellness of all involved, and then apply the PGA Jr. League 2020 Program Guidelines.

Q: Is PGA Jr. League HQ communicating these guidelines and recommendations directly with parents on a national or sectional basis? If so, how?

A: Yes. The PGA Jr. League 2020 Season Guidelines will be shared with parents and players to help all parties understand how to participate in responsible and healthy programming.

Q: What happens if I find out someone associated with my program gets sick?

A: If someone associated with the program becomes sick, Captains, Coaches, and parents are expected to follow the reporting guidelines outlined by the CDC. Captains and Coaches will be the point of contact for parents to communicate when a person tests positive for COVID-19 or was exposed to someone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.  Captains and Coaches are expected to inform all relevant health officials and close contacts as contemplated by the CDC recommendations and their state and local health authorities.

Q: How has the 2020 PGA Jr. League season been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

A: On May 4th, PGA Jr. League announced the development of plans to responsibly allow your local leagues to resume activities subject to the Back2Golf Guidelines in alignment with the CDC and Opening Up America Again. Subject to the regulations of your state and local authorities, PGA Jr. League is targeting June 1 as the earliest date to resume activities – provided that localities are in Phase II at this time and operations are aligned with the recommendations of the Back2Golf Guidelines and Opening Up America Again.

Previously, on March 18th, PGA Jr. League made the decision to postpone the season until May 10th in the best interest of public safety and per the recommended guidelines on gatherings of large groups put forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America. This encompasses everything – practices, games, etc. – under the PGA Jr. League brand.

All updates are posted at

Q: What is Back2Golf and how does it impact PGA Jr. League?

A: The PGA of America has worked with the allied golf associations to publish Back2Golf Guidelines in alignment with the CDC and Opening Up America Again. The Back2Golf Guidelines include a specific, three-phased approach to golf that aligns with the broader plan to re-open the economy. In developing your plans, it is imperative that you understand the interplay between the Back2Golf Guidelines and the requirements of local and state authorities. 

The Back2Golf Guidelines should not serve as the sole source of information for your plans and the implementation of responsible operations, focused on the health and wellness of all involved should be the priority and, prior to engaging in any PGA Jr. League activity, you should confirm that your facility is currently in a Phase II jurisdiction.

Subject to the regulations of your state and local authorities, PGA Jr. League is targeting June 1 as the earliest date to allow local leagues to resume activities, provided that the resumption of activities shall only be allowed in localities that are currently in Phase II and operations should align with the recommendations of the Back2Golf Guidelines and Opening Up America Again.

Q: Why was the postseason cancelled if the regular season is continuing?

A: Cancelling the postseason prioritizes health and safety by not hosting any events requiring air travel. Additionally, it creates clarity for you and your players going into the season, and provides the opportunity to enhance the program’s scholarship initiative for families in need through reallocated resources. With counties and states having different timelines for reaching Phase II, you can now organize your local program with maximum flexibility both in terms of schedules and competition rules throughout 2020.

Q: With the 2020 postseason cancelled, how does this affect 2021 eligibility for players turning 14 or older?

A: Our postseason eligibility requirements will remain unchanged. However, we’re looking into expanded playing opportunities for players in both the 13u and 17u age divisions.

Q: Do I have to field four teams to have an in-house league? 

A: No. In prioritizing safety and flexibility for you to run your PGA Jr. League programs this year, there is no player minimum required to have an in-house league. This option may make families feel more comfortable staying in one place where you have control of safety procedures, and it gives you greater flexibility with scheduling. Reach out to your Regional League Manager to learn more.

Q: Are there specific guidelines for playing PGA Jr. League and following health recommendations?

A: Our team is currently building out safety guidelines and updated policies designed to keep you and your staff, your players and their families safe while participating in PGA Jr. League. If you have best practices or suggestions, we encourage you to share those with your Regional League Manager. 

Q: Given the economic ramifications of this health crisis on families, will scholarships be available for my players?

A: We are committed to substantially more funding to our scholarship program to ensure that as many kids/families going through tough economic times are able to participate in the program as possible. You can find more information about scholarships and apply here. 

Q: How does this news impact the refund policy?

A: The refund policy is the same. Once your team kits have shipped, the $75 PGA REACH Fee is nonrefundable. If your team kits have not been shipped, we are able to fully refund the registration fee at any time. To initiate the refund process, please click the blue chat icon on the lower right hand of your screen from any page on

Q: Can I order my Team Kit?

A: Yes. In fact, we encourage early team kit orders to ensure timely delivery before the rush when the season resumes. While our fulfillment warehouse is currently under a state-mandated lockdown, you are still encouraged to submit your team kit orders, which will enter them in the queue. Orders will be processed in the order they are received. However, we won't ship anything until our season is confirmed. You can rest assured that submitting your team kit order now doesn't prevent refunds should the status of the season change.

As always, we encourage you to check with parents prior to ordering team kits to ensure everyone is still available to play on the team, particularly given a possible change in schedules. Team kits will include all normal customizations with the jersey number and team name on the back, but we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to add team names if we receive an overwhelming number of team kit orders when the season resumes.

Q: How will this impact my Captain Payment?

A: Although we're unable to ship product due to the warehouse closing, we’ve developed a process to make sure there are no delays with your Captain payment. Orders that are submitted will be marked and processed for payment under our regular process. We encourage you to check with parents prior to ordering team kits to ensure everyone is still available to play on the team, particularly given a possible change in schedules. Click here to review the PGA Jr. League refund policy.

Q: How can I engage my currently registered consumers during the postponement?

A: Now more than ever, families are seeking guidance, support and care from community leaders like yourselves. Each week, our #Gamechanger Insights newsletters will look a bit different – focused on keeping kids and families engaged off the course. We’re also aggregating some of our favorite at-home activities at

Q: Where can I get more information regarding the 2020 PGA Jr. League season timeline?

A: All future season timeline updates will be shared on, so please continue to check this page. We also encourage you to stay in contact with your Regional League Manager (RLM). Please know that we will do everything possible to maximize opportunities for you to engage your community with PGA Jr. League during the 2020 calendar year.

Q: How can I best update my currently registered players about the PGA Jr. League season?

A: If you need to send an email to your registered players, you can find step-by-step instructions for exporting your player data here. Please note that all registered PGA Jr. League players also received the email notification from PGA Jr. League HQ about the season postponement. 

You can also alert registered players and stay in contact with them through the SportsEngine mobile app. Click here for a tutorial on messaging parents in the app. Click here to download the app on Android, and click here for Apple.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?

A: Please reach out to your Regional League Manager (RLM) for questions and support. You can also contact us via the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.