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2017 Conditions of Play Handbook

The 2017 Conditions of Play Handbook is your comprehensive resource for the PGA Jr. League Golf season. 

Download the full PDF by clicking 'Download Handbook' to the right.

Below are some important changes for the 2017 season and their location in the Handbook:

Rule or Guideline

Change for 2017

Location in Handbook

Hazards Play from within water hazards (and lateral water hazards) is no longer prohibited. Page 9
Placing the Ball Players are allowed to place the ball within one club length either side of the original spot. Page 10
Advice At any point during a match, each team’s official Captain and registered Coach(es) may give (and players may seek) advice regarding; Player Safety, Pace of Play, Rules of Play and Conditions of Competition. Page 13 (Appendix II)
Official Result of a Game Updated to cover rare situations when play is suspended for player safety and/or all efforts to reschedule have been exhausted. Page 11
Course Yardage Please be advised that Regional and Championship course yardages can now vary between 2,700-3,000 yards. Page 4