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PGA Jr. League Championship Celebration

PGA Jr. League Championship Celebration

Join Us for a PGA Jr. League Championship Celebration!

The 2020 PGA Jr. League Championship presented by National Car Rental would be held Oct. 9-12 at Grayhawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

While we can't celebrate in person this year with our competing teams and their families, we're inviting PGA Jr. League players everywhere to commemorate the fun, team spirit of the Championship.

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ESPNU is re-airing the 2019 Championship highlight show tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 9) from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. ET!

The PGA Jr. League Championship is presented by National Car Rental


The Official Championship Milkshake Recipe

Milkshakes are a BIG part of the PGA Jr. League Championship presented by National Car Rental! We're sharing our coveted recipe with you all this week, and encouraging you to make and enjoy them at home.

PGA Jr. League reporter Warren Fisher and ESPN's Michael Collins share a milkshake
Championship Milkshake Recipe

Skills Challenge: At Home Edition

Soccer darts were part of the skills challenge at the 2019 PGA Jr. League Championship

Game Format

It's time for a friendly competition with your family! With 9 different rounds, your family will compete to determine the Ultimate Skills Challenge Champion. Start by creating a scorecard or printing out the scorecard provided below. Feel free to come up with creative substitutes for the materials listed if you don't have them available. The winner of each round will receive 1 point. The player with the most points at the end of the Skills Challenge will be deemed the Champion! 

Round 1


Materials: One new toilet paper roll and 10 water bottles 

Instructions: Set up the 10 water bottles like bowling pins. Each player will have 3 tries to knock over as many water bottles as they can with a toilet paper roll. Stand at least 10 feet away from the water bottles when bowling. Keep track of how many pins each player knocks down.

Round 2


Materials: Multiple blown up balloons

Instructions: Each player will take turns seeing how many balloons they can keep in the air at once. If one Balloon hits the ground, the players turn is over. The player who was able to keep the most balloons in the air at once wins this game.

Round 3


Materials: Straws, bowls or plates, and Goldfish Crackers (you can also use cut up pieces of paper, mini marshmallows, or anything you have in your house as a substitute)

Instructions: Each player will receive two bowls. Keep one bowl empty and fill the second bowl with 10 Goldfish Crackers. Each player will begin trying to transfer the goldfish to their empty bowl using only the suction from the straw, no hands. The player who completes this task first wins this challenge.

Round 4


Materials: Two golf balls and a stopwatch

Instructions: Each player will take turns trying to stack two golf balls on top of each other. Use a stopwatch to time each player, to see how long it takes for each player to stack the golf balls. The player who completes this challenge the fastest wins this game.

Round 5


Materials: Cheerios (or any other substitution), 2 bowls, 1 spoon, and a stopwatch

Instructions: Fill the first bowl with Cheerios and leave the second bowl empty. Each player takes turns transferring the Cheerios from the first bowl to the second bowl with the spoon. Players may not use their hands, so each player will use a spoon—in their mouth. Once the player begins the challenge, start the stopwatch. The player who transfers all the Cheerios to the second bowl the fastest wins this challenge.

Round 6


Materials: Paper to construct paper airplanes

Instructions: Each player will make their own paper airplane. Once everyone has made their airplane, find an open space in your house or outside to throw your paper airplanes. Whichever player throws their paper airplane the furthest wins this challenge.

Round 7


Materials: Ten plastic cups and a stopwatch

Instructions: Begin with all ten cups in a stack. Each player will take turns creating a pyramid (4 cups on the bottom, then 3 cups, 2 cups, and 1 cup on top). Once the pyramid is complete, the player must return the 10 cups back into a stack. With the stopwatch, time how long it takes for each player to complete this challenge. The player who does it the fastest wins.

Round 8


Materials: One quarter (or any coin) and a stopwatch

Instructions: On a flat surface, each player will take turns spinning a quarter. Using the stopwatch, start the timer when the coin starts spinning. The player who has their quarter spin for the longest amount of time wins this challenge.

Round 9


Materials: Two bowls, a sponge, and a stopwatch

Instructions: Fill the first bowl with water and leave the second bowl empty. Using the sponge, each player will take turns transferring the water from the first bowl to the empty bowl. Each player will have one minute to transfer as much water as they can to the second bowl. Keep track of how much water each player has transferred after the minute is complete. The player who transfers the most water wins this challenge.

Draw Your Favorite Golf Hole

What’s the best golf hole you have ever played? Recreate it in a drawing or painting! 

If you can’t decide, take some inspiration from one of our favorite Grayhawk Golf Club holes. Be sure to send us the final product using the button below for a chance to be featured on social media!

Grayhawk Golf Club Raptor Course Hole No. 8

Grayhawk Golf Club Raptor Course Hole No. 8

Share your PGA Jr. League photos or any completed activity with us to be featured on our social media channels!