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Conditions of Play Handbook

The Conditions of Play Handbook is your comprehensive resource for the PGA Jr. League season. 

Download the full PDF by clicking 'Download Handbook' to the right.

Below are some important changes that occurred during the 2018 season and their location in the Handbook:

Rule or Guideline

Change for 2018

Location in Handbook

Course Yardage Regular season yardage should not exceed 2,700 yards. Regional and Championship yardage should not exceed 2,900 yards. Page 5
Match Format All players in attendance must play a minimum of one 3-hole flag in the regular season and two 3-hole flags in the post-season. Page 5
Post-Season NEW! The post-season has been restructured to improve scheduling and communication. The prior self-organized sub-regional brackets are evolving into Section Championships operated by your Section Office, with Section qualifiers used if/as needed. Dates and detailed information about the Section Championships will be released prior to the post-season. Additionally, the program is expanding to include 12 Regional Competitions and 12 teams represented at the PGA Jr. League Championship presented by National Car Rental (up from 8 previously). Page 7
Rules of Play New composition of Competition Committees for the postseason. Requirement that all players must play a minimum of two flags in the postseason. New expanded playoff procedures to include round-robin competitions. Page 9
Common Situations New page added to help PGA Jr. League players navigate common situations that occur during matches. Page 16