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PGA Jr. League Players: Invent the New Non-Handshake Handshake!

We all know that high fives and handshakes are a big part of PGA Jr. League, but celebrations will look a bit different when we can safely resume the season. Knowing our PGA Jr. League players are some of the most creative kids out there, we’re asking for your help in creating our official “non-handshake handshake!”

Staying engaged while apart is the key to keeping our PGA Jr. League community strong. We’ll be aggregating our favorite activities here over the coming weeks, so be sure to bookmark this page and keep an eye out for new ideas. We’ve even included a form below to submit your own ideas!

As a reminder, you can find our latest safety updates at Thank you again for working with us to prioritize the well-being of the community.


We love your suggestions! Please keep them coming. Here are a few of our favorites:

"My dad and I go to an open field and throw a frisbee as far as we can. Once the frisbee lands, we tee off using an almost golf ball and play out the hole. The winner of the hole gets to throw the frisbee to the next location. It is great practice and we can keep our social distancing."

– Peyton Butcher, Palos Verdes Country Club PGA Jr. League

"Shawn Rankin (12) and his dad invented a game called Boomerang Golf. Involves a boomerang, to be thrown aimlessly on an open field, with a gap wedge and 1 golf ball, to be played like putt-putt, with the goal of "whomever" hits the boomerang first "wins" that hole. Course design varies, dependent on where the boomerang is thrown, including over park benches, playground equipment, mud puddles, etc."

– Shawn Rankin, Pine Trace PGA Jr. League


"Social responsibility is the idea that our actions affect others, and we should aim to have a positive impact on other people and on society as a whole."

PGA Jr. League –– and golf as a whole –– teaches lessons of respect and care. Extending compassion to family, friends, neighbors and the greater community is more important than ever. We've created a quick one-sheet with some ideas and inspiration from fellow PGA Jr. League player, Kiersten.

Kiersten (pictured, right) formed and rallied with the community and local kids to launch a "blessing bag" event. She has gathered and lobbied for supplies to help feed the truck drivers who are endlessly serving all the communities.


We love seeing you're getting creative with your at-home practice pictures! Here's how a few PGA Jr. League players are keeping their skills sharp and staying busy at home.

Drills for Siblings to Work Together

Crystal Morse, PGA, from The Legends Club, lays out golf drills that keep siblings working together, rather than competing against one another.

Range & Course Etiquette: For Kids, By Kids

Check out this awesome video sent in by PGA Jr. League player Sophia and her brother, Trace! Watch with your young golfer. What's one new thing you learned?

Quarantine Trick Shots

Wade spent some time performing trick shots during the COVID-19 quarantine. Wade shared this video with several of his PGA Jr. League teammates and his coach in attempt socially connect and encourage them to also get creative. He misses golfing on the course, but this brings him joy!

PGA Jr. League Game Guide

PGA Jr. League Game Guide

Every PGA Jr. League player will receive a PGA Jr. League Game Guide booklet, which is a fun and interactive guide to the ins-and-outs of the program.

2020 Conditions of Play

PGA Jr. League is governed by the USGA Rules of Golf, the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf and the PGA Jr. League Conditions of Play.

The 2020 Conditions of Play handbook includes an overview of the PGA Jr. League format and rules of play, as well as common situations and frequently asked questions. It is important to note that the Conditions of Play are solely recommendations for the regular season, however, these policies and procedures are strictly enforced throughout the postseason.